Software Engineering III

We're seeking an experienced engineer/manager with expert software development and managerial skills to create advanced applications for our video computing platforms and be able to lead others in a team environment. This challenging position will require "ground-up" involvement from innovation to design to execution within our research and development division with. Your role would be to create new exciting system specifications, proof of concept advanced programming and work directly with the client front line as a technical leader. We thrive to inspire innovation and creativity in others. Join our team to take on new challenges and inspire others to engineer the best solutions for our industry.


  • Strong experience developing in a Linux environment
  • Expert in Python, C++ with ability to train other jr. engineers
  • Knowledge of QT for modern GUI development
  • Database expertise with MySQL and optimized query/search tools
  • Experience with networking architecutre, sockets, protcols, TCP/IP and Streaming
  • Practical experience in a software project/product development environment
  • Must be able to lead a team and drive cutting edge research
  • Conduct code reviews, mentor others and drive innovation within the company

Additional Desired Skills:

  • Experience with software versioning control systems, git, cvs, svn
  • Experience programming with embedded devices such as Android and PowerPC
  • Experience with Amazon Web Services
  • Experience with backend web application development
  • Familiar with video and audio compression/codecs

Additional Notes:

  • Fast-paced start-up environment
  • Candidate must be driven, independent and self-starte
  • Able to work in a team, design new features and address customer challenges
  • Design quickly under pressure while maintaining a high level of reliablility

Position: Full-Time

Job Location: Hamilton, Ontario, CANADA

Contact: Email resume to hr at providiusdesign dot com


  • Hons. Degree in Computer/Software Engineering or Comp Sci
  • Post graduate masters or PhD. Degree preferred
  • 5+ Years of practical experience
  • Excellent communication skills, written and verbal
  • Management, supervisor experience required
  • Beat Chuck Norris in a staring competition
  • Results driven and get the job done attitude
  • Innovate and inspire others to innovate