Multiscreen Operations

"Over the top" streaming (OTT), has refaced the way traditional video and audio are delivered, allowing viewers to receive more content than ever before with the added convenience of consuming media over a wide range of fixed and portable display surfaces, such as smart phones, tablets and home media gateways.

This requirement has introduced new challenges to broadcast and multi-serivce operators, to ensure all streams of media are delivered successfully with accuracy and in compliance to many new industry defined protocols.

Our end-to-end solution provides the necessary monitoring and analysis of these complex ecosystems, providing real time health and interoperability feedback of the stream with detailed quality of service (QoS) reports. This approach not only provides visibility to how the service is behaving but can also pinpoint the root cause of a streaming outtage. This can mean the difference between a short versus long inturruption to service which can ultimately impact the consumers overall quality of experience (QoE).