Broadcast Monitoring Gateway: IPTV/OTT Multiviewer & Network Analyzer


The exponential growth of IP basedstreaming networks has allowed both broadcast the service providers to scale operations faster than ever. Consumers are now being offered the luxury of watching any content, anywhere and at any time, and expect the highest level of service without compromise.

This unification between IP networks and streaming media does present its own set of challenges to ensure that media is originated, processed and delivered in compliance. IP flows can frequently suffer from packet loss, jitter, encoding impairments and transport violations to name a few.

Having the right monitoring and visualization tools in place to proactively identify impairments and service disruption is imperative to the success of the operation.

Providius has engineered the Broadcast Monitoring Gateway (BMG) high density analysis platform as the 24/7 eyes and ears of both your video service and delivery network.

The BMG incorporates the essential analysis and decoding tools necessary to alert the operation tiers of MPEG2/H.264 and packet transport related impairments for linear and adaptive bitrate (ABR) defined services. At the heart of the BMG, packets are processed for TR101290 P1 & P2 service compliance with also the unique ability to analyze the conditions of the delivery network. This dual focussed analysis approach provides a clear demarcation between video delivery and video processing thereby drastically reducing the mean time to repair (MTTR) and eliminating finger pointing between transport and processing departments.

The family of BMG solutions provide the visualization flexibility to aggregate and view dozens of decoded services per unit with multiple 1080p/4K outputs in a "heads-up" environment with the added ability to redistribute the aggregated mosaic output back onto the streaming network to be viewed remotely with companion 101XW-IPRX-1G IP receiver. Applications that don’t require full frame decoding can be satisfied with the 2101XW-BMG-10G, which offers the same monitoring abilities without the added cost of the multiview decoded output. This headless approach continues to provide the essential service metrics to operations without the visualization component.

Results from the BMG’s service analyzer (patent pending) are stored and retained within the internal database and can produce reports upon request.

Quick Glance Overview

2101XW-IPMV(X)-1G 2101XW-BMG-IPMV(X)-10G 2101XW-BMG-10G
Form Factor 2RU Rackmount Chassis
Physical Dimensions 31" D x 17.2" W x 3.5" H
Operating System Linux
Power Connections Dual Hot Swappable Power Supplies
Ethernet Connections Dual 1G Dual 10G
Number of Outputs 2x 4K UHD or 4x 1080P
Output Format 4x Display Port / HDMI
Video Codec Support MPEG-2 / H.264 / HEVC*
Audio Codec Support MPEG 1 Layer II / AC-3 / AAC
Linear Streaming Formats SPTS / MPTS / MPEG Transport Streams / UDP / RTP / Multicast / Unicast
OTT Streaming Formats HLS / RTMP / HDS / MSS / MPEG-DASH
Number of Full Decodes X = 16, 24, 32, 40, 48 Both SD / HD 0
Number of TS Analyzers Up to 1G Saturation Up to 10G Saturation
TS Monitoring / Metrics Full TR 101 290 P1 / P2 / PCR Jitter / Full Table Parsing
OTT Monitoring / Metrics Manifest & Fragment Analysis / CDN Incident / Profile Thumbnailing
Captions, Teletext & Subs Yes + On Screen Decoding Yes
Standard Stream Record Up to 256GB SSD
Extended Stream Record Up to 4TB SSD
Control HTTP Web Interface / 1102XW Touch Screen Interface App

System Ordering Details

*X = Number of Channels Per Platform. Support for 16, 24, 32, 40 or 48 Channels Per Unit
Base Part Numbers Description
2101XW-IPMV(X)-1G X Channel IPTV/OTT Stream Decoder & Analyzer with Multiview and Dual 1G
2101XW-BMG-IPMV(X)-10G X Channel Broadcast Monitoring Gateway IPTV/OTT Stream Decoder & AnalyzerMultiview with Dual 10G
2101XW-BMG-10G Multichannel Broadcast Monitoring Gateway IPTV/OTT Stream Analyzer with Dual10G
2101SW-BMG-10G Multichannel Broadcast Monitoring Gateway IPTV/OTT Stream Analyzer with Dual10G Base Lic. (Customer supplied COTS computing hardware)
Hardware Options Description
2101HW-PS2KW-A 2000W Hot Swappable Power Supply
Software Options Description
2101SW-HDSTRMR HD Raster H.264 Streaming Multiview License
2101SW-PM8 8 Channel Port Mirrored Traffic License