Platforms Engineering III

We're seeking a talented candidate with expert knowledge of micro and server class computing platforms and architecture. This challenging position will require research and development for the latest cutting edge platforms for video processing systems, including performance testing, cost analysis and cloud based architectures. Providius hardware and software engineering will interface with these platforms to combine the best in breed systems for video service computing.


  • Strong technical experience working with server class platforms
  • Familiar with data center architecture and operations
  • Fluent with linux, bios and configuration
  • Experience with 10Gig networks and beyond
  • Experience with networking architecutre, sockets, protcols, TCP/IP and Streaming
  • Must be able to lead a team, conduct platform/chassis reviews and mentor others

Additional Desired Skills:

  • Experience with Intel, GPU's and driver development
  • Experience programming with embedded devices such as Android and PowerPC
  • Experience with Amazon Web Services and big pipe data connectivity

Additional Notes:

  • Fast-paced start-up environment
  • Candidate must be driven, independent and self-starter
  • Able to work in a team, design new features and address customer challenges
  • Design quickly under pressure while maintaining a high level of reliablility

Position: Full-Time

Job Location: Hamilton, Ontario, CANADA

Contact: Email resume to hr at providiusdesign dot com


  • Hons. Degree in Computer or Electrical Engineering
  • Post graduate masters or PhD. Degree preferred
  • 5+ Years of practical experience in computing platforms
  • Excellent communication skills, written and verbal
  • Management, supervisor experience required
  • Awarded the lifetime achievement award ... twice
  • Results driven and get the job done attitude
  • Innovate and inspire others to innovate